Magi Azul - Caribe Beach House is located on the open water side of the island about a 15 minute walk from the edge of town. (We are the red star.) Everyone has their own opinions about why they like one side of the island over the other. Here's mine.  I like the open water side because we don't have a mosquito problem. There is always a breeze from the open ocean that keeps the mosquitoes away. 

Also in the summer when the wind dies down we still have a wonderful ocean breeze while the Cancun side of the island is stiffled in dead heat.  l'll take a cool ocean breeze over a string of Cancun lights any day.   We are far enough outside of town that you often have our beach to yourself, yet we are close enough to walk to town if you like. Also if you walk about 5 minutes south of our house you will enter a cute little Mexican community called Colonia Salinas.  There are little mom and pop stores, a tortilla factory, fruit stands and even a some restaurants. One of my favorites on the island, Mango Cafe, is nestled in the middle of this neighborhood. Also Chedauri (Mexico's version of Walmart) is only a 15 minute walk or a short golf cart ride away. So if you want a little more privacy than you would have in the heart of el Centro, but still want easy access to all downtown has to offer Magi Azul may be just what you are looking . 


Location, Location

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