Reservation Policies

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: The property is furnished and includes: washer, dryer, water cooler, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, air conditioners, blow dryers, iPod docks and alarm clocks, ceiling fans, linens & towels, 1 floor fan, hammocks, dishes and kitchen pans & utensils. The property consists of 3 suites each with their own bath. The Suites have 2 exterior doors opening to ocean and beach front balconies or terraces on one side and entrance doors that open to covered patios, exterior courtyards and a pool area. The property also includes an indoor/outdoor covered living area that opens to the pool area and French Doors that lead to an attached kitchen with eat in dining and a off kitchen 1/2 bath. The roof top area includes a sundeck with panoramic views of the island as well as a grass covered hammock pavilion. The property is surrounded by a tall gardenwallen wall excluding the beach side where the house's sea wall serves as a wall.




1. CONFIRMING YOUR RESERVATION - We receive your reservation request either through our website or an outside agent.  We will notify you by e-mail if your reservation dates are available.  If available and you wish to reserve these dates, we require a rental deposit of 50% plus a $50 damage protection fee (protects you for up to 1500 worth of damage)  if your arrival is more than 90 days out.  90 days prior to your arrival your balance is due in full.  If full payment is not made within 60 days of your reservation arrival date the reservation will be canceled for non payment and all deposits will not be refunded. Credit card payments can be made through Paypal ( 3% surcharge added for U.S. and Canada, 4% for international) or wired directly to our bank account with your bank fees and any intermediary bank fees added to the total.   A PayPal money request or wiring instructions can be e-mailed upon request. Due to past experiences, I am sorry but RESERVATION DATES CANNOT BE HELD WITHOUT A DEPOSIT. 


2. CANCELATION & REFUND POLICY- Our cancelation policy is strict because most of our reservations are booked 6 months or more in advance. So holding reservation dates and turning down other prospective renters and then having a cancelation a month or 2 before the arrival date can cost us tremendously. We are not trying to rip people off. We go to great efforts to rebook dates and happily refund guests in full when we can. Our goal is for everyone to be happy. Once you have reserved your dates the following scale is used to issue refunds:

cancelations 181 days or more before reservation - 2 night rental fee deducted from full refund excluding third party booking fees and any finance fees. 

cancelations 180 to 91 days before your reservation arrival - a cancelation fee of 50% of total amount of reservation deducted

cancelations 90 days or less we offer no refunds unless we can rebook all your dates.

For longer reservations of more than 10 days the deposit is nonrefundable 6 months prior to your arrival.  If we rebook all your dates we gladly refund all your money excluding third party booking fees and any finance fees.

Changing dates is seen as canceling a reservation and rebooking it. So the same cancelation policies hold for changing or moving a reservation. Vacation insurance policies are available through various insurance agencies which cover your cost would you need to cancel your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances. If you must cancel and we can rebook all your dates we will gladly reimburse you your moneys paid excluding third party booking fees and any finance fees.


3. OCCUPANCY - Although we love nothing more than to make you feel at home, please keep in mind that your and the safety of our home are a priority. This is why absolutely no extra guests are allowed. People that were not considered during your booking will not be allowed inside our home without owner permission. We do not want home tours of our property without the knowledge of our property manager.  Magi Azul comfortably accommodates up to 8 persons.  During your reservation process you will be required to  list the number of people in your party.  At no time can more than 8 people stay in the house unless prior permission has been granted.  If the number of people changes we must be notified by e-mail. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation without a refund if more than 8 persons reside in the house without prior permission from the owners. No parties or events are allowed on the property without owner permission or a separate events charge. 


4. CHILDREN - To insure a peaceful environment for our clients, families with children must rent the whole house.  Magi Azul has numerous design elements that  are potentially dangerous for children.  It is important that your children are supervised at all times.  The renter agrees to be responsible for the health, safety , and damages associated with their children.


5. PETS  - Clients with pets must rent the whole house and receive prior permission from the owners concerning the  presence of any pets.  The renter agrees to be responsible for any damages caused by your pet.


6.  SMOKING - No indoor smoking is allowed




8. UTILITIES - Please turn lights off and air conditioners off when you are not in the house.  NEVER leave the A/C on with the doors open. It will ruin the compressor.


9. ACCESS -  Guest shall allow Homeowner access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection.  Homeowner shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner.


10.  SECURITY & PERSONAL PROPERTY - To insure the safety of all guests and their possessions and ours, you are required to lock the entrance doors to your rooms and the entrance doors to the property, as well as the ocean side doors and windows, whenever you leave  and when you are sleeping at night.  Violent crime is not a big problem on the island, but petty theft is. Thieves usually target unlocked rooms with phones and laptops lying around.   If you want to hear the ocean then keep the slatted shutters closed for security, but you will still get a breeze and hear the ocean. Also do not run the A/C without all the doors being shut or the air conditioner compressor will burn up. Do not leave valuables lying around the common areas of kitchen, patios and pool areas at night. Security safes are also available in all suites for the safety of your valuables.  Magi Azul assumes no responsibility for the loss of any personal items.


11. DAMAGE PROTECTION FEE - A damage protection fee of $50 is required. This protects you from having to pay for property damage up to $1500 that is done by you or another guest during your stay.  This does not cover vandalism or theft done if guests left doors unlocked. We do ask that you do not use self tanners,  or henna tattoos.  They will stain and ruin our sheets and towels. 


12. LIABILITY, TERMS & CONDITIONS - These terms and conditions form a contract between the owners of Magi Azul Beach House and the renters of Magi Azul Beach House.  Payment of your deposit and signature of the contract is deemed as full and final acceptance of the terms and conditions for booking a reservation with Magi Azul Beach House.  By booking a reservation with Magi Azul you agree to indemnify the owners , agents, and employees of Magi Azul  against any claim for liability for  loss of personal property, personal injury, or death, or any claim whatsoever resulting from your residence  or your guests residence at Magi Azul Beach 



By my signature below,  I agree that all rental monies are non-refundable per cancellation policy above and agree to the property polices.  



The parties agree to the terms and/or rental policies and rules of this Short Term Rental Agreement, as evidenced by the signatures set forth below.




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Guests will be expected to sign a rental agreement agreeing to these terms.